Best Football Betting Systems

You can tip the odds in your favor with the best football betting systems. These systems allow you to minimize risks and maximize returns.

Back and Lay

It is one of the most effective strategies if you have in-depth knowledge of your favorite sport.


The key here is to look out for much greater odds than what the actual scenario justifies. If you have a sharp eye for this, you can guarantee yourself a profit in the long term.

You will have to play on a betting exchange to use this strategy.

To understand this betting system, let’s look at an example. Suppose that you are wagering that West Ham will win against Grimsby. In all other cases, then, the bookie will win.

As mentioned previously, this method will work best to find bets with high value. Suppose that you wager on odds of 4.5. If West Ham leads Grimsby in the 1st half, you can cash out and earn a profit.

Another possible option is to back a draw to hedge your bet. After the favorites score the first goal, bookies will raise the odds for a draw. You can support the increased odds using an amount to cover your liability to earn a profit.

For instance, suppose that you stake $10 for odds of 4.00 and are also able to bet in-play for a draw after a goal at 6.00 odds with a $6.5 wager, then you can earn $3 if there is a draw and $3.5 if any team wins. Although the amount is not particularly big, you can profit regardless of the outcome. It is an example of arbitrage betting.

Of course, there is no guarantee. In the example shown below, you cannot deploy this strategy successfully if no goal is scored. In this case, the odds for a draw will fall instead of rising, meaning that you cannot guarantee a profit. 

Value Bets

Value betting should be one of your prime wagering strategies. Although this is overall a lucrative way of betting, as with everything else, your bet can still wind up losing.

If you want to use this strategy, you should understand the result probabilities. You should also know how to find value and apply it correctly. If you have these abilities, you can earn a long-term profit with value betting.

Essentially, you are trying to capitalize on inaccurate estimates made by bookies. For this, you must follow statistics carefully if you want this system to work for you successfully.

The definition for a value bet can differ between punters. A value bet is a wager with a higher winning probability than what the bookie states.

Here is an example to help you understand. Suppose that the odds provided for an England victory are 4/1. It represents a 20 percent probability of winning. At the same time, you believe that the chance stands at 25%. You might gain value by betting on England. Note that this method depends on the bookmaker underestimating the likelihood of an outcome.

You must use a simple mathematical formula to determine if the bet in question is value.

Here is the formula.

(odds x probability %)/100

If the final value is more significant than one, it represents a value bet. But if the value is lower than one, it is not a value bet.

Look back at the example provided; the formula works out as follows:

(5 x 25)/100 = 1.25

For the odds, you insert a value of 5 since the bookmaker stated odds of 4/1, which are 5.00 in decimal form. Our estimate is 25%, which is the probability percentage. The example is indeed a case of a value bet.

Now it’s your time to try out the betting systems you just read about and see how well it works for you.

You can tip the odds in your favor with the best football betting systems. These systems allow you to minimize risks and maximize returns.