UK Snooker Championship

The UK Championship is the second biggest professional snooker tournament, also referred to as the Betway UK Championship. It ranks second to the World Championship and is part of the Triple Crown. Ronnie O’Sullivan is the current UK Championship record holder with seven titles to his name.


Find out about the most popular bets placed in this prestigious tournament.

Match Bet
It is one of the most popular bets in snooker since it is the most straightforward. You have to wager on the player that you think is most likely to win. This bet type is also called the 1×2 bet.

Unlike football, there are no draws in snooker as frames are odd-numbered. Although you will want to place your bet on the favorite, you should know that bookies place lower odds on the stronger player. The handicap bet makes things more interesting, as explained below.

Handicap Betting
It is a more advanced bet type, but it is still fascinating. This kind of bet is employed where one player is a firm favorite.

The bookmaker places a handicap on the stronger player. For instance, the bookie may put a -2.5 handicap on the favorite and a +2.5 handicap on the weaker opponent. It means is that the favorite must win by a margin of no less than three frames (if you are betting on the choice). Even if the favorite emerges as the winner by a margin of 2 frames, you will still lose the bet owing to the handicap.

As you can see, this type of bet makes things level for both players by giving a specific advantage to the underdog. It allows for more exciting betting results and thus greater odds. Simply betting on the favorite can become monotonous, and it even has lower odds. Handicap betting is an improvement and should be considered if you are a close follower of the UK Championship.

Outright Bet
The outright market is also referred to as futures betting. Instead of betting on a single match, you bet on the tournament result.

In tournament betting, you have to predict the final winner. Due to its simplicity, it is one of the most popular options in UK Championship betting.

You can also stake each-way bets to win if the player reaches the final but does not win.

Total Frames
This kind of over/under bet depends on the total number of frames played during the match. In a real frames wager, you should be aware of the customarily played structures during similar games. With this knowledge, you can decide if the bookie has set a reasonable number for full brackets.

Here is an example. Suppose the bookie has set the number at 25 for the final match. If the last entails 35 frames, then one of the finalists must win 18 frames to win the tournament. With 25 frames, the bookie is predicting an 18-7 result for the final match.

If you think that the bookmaker has set a low result, you can place an over bet. It means that you are betting that the match will exceed 25 frames. You can also place an under bet if you think the game will have less than 25 frames.

Other Bets
Although the most critical bet types have been outlined above, this is just the tip of the iceberg. There is a staggering array of snooker betting markets.

The correct score bet is one of the most challenging bets. As you would expect, you have to predict the final score in this bet type. The risk is no doubt tremendous, but the odds are also very high.

Session betting is also a popular wagering choice. Four frames are generally played before intervals. You can wager on the result of these frames in session betting. You can also wager on who will take the highest break during the match, the number of century breaks during the game, and who will be the first to pot the ball.

Now it’s your time to go out and try betting on snooker using the betting types mentioned in this article.